– Why Is Your Computer Acting Weird?

StopSign.comIf you feel things between you and your computer have sort of cooled off, and things are simply not the way they used to be, it’s time for some retail therapy at, an eCommerce site selling software to clean your computer from navigational hazards and nuisances such as SpyWare, AdWare and ThiefWare, which are usually the ones to blame for slow connections, strange alert messages and horrid pop-ups.

The first thing you should do is take advantage of the complimentary computer scan from this site to check exactly what’s going on. If you happen to be infected, it could be a good opportunity to buy StopSign, a new anti-SpyWare program which you can get from this site, whether on its CD version or by downloading it. The software’s features are very much like any other antivirus software (proxies, bookmarking alerts, calendars, etc), plus some advanced functions, like custom cleaners which detect custom coded attacks, and can be used for home or office needs. If you are running Vista and concerned that this new software might not run okay, stop worrying: StopSign is Vista compatible.