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Stopbounce.comWebmasters familiarized with pay per click systems know that one of the most important way in which revenue is lost is via the ‘Back’ button, since users generally click into a site because they have been driven there by, say, a search engine result page, but don’t click into it, and thus don’t generate revenue. Stopbounce.


com has come up with an easy system to stop earnings from leaking this way. When clicking into the back button, site visitors are presented with a sponsored results page provided by, and which presents contextual ads, that is: ads are related to the original search. In any case, even if site visitors don’t click into any of these ads, they would have still generated revenue by activating the second search results page, as that is counted as a click through. The good point for webmasters is that the service is free, and it is activated by pasting an HTML code into their site. The bad thing is, as generally happens, that internet users will end up a bit more confused and having to tap into many windows in order to do a simple back command.


Author : Steve Dixon

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