– Japanese Characters And Tattoos is an e-commerce website that offers Japanese Characters and tattoo designs by a Master Japanese Calligrapher called Eri Takase.

Here you can download his designs in PDF format with a great quality so the printing comes out exactly as he designed it. The site lets you browse trough all of his designs, sorted into different categories such as family, martial arts, oriental arts, religion, words, zodiac, or sayings, among others. Each one displays a thumbnail, description, and price and they are all available to purchase online with any major credit card as well as Paypal. In order to test the quality of the designs and the pictures, there are a couple of samples posted on the home page which you can download for free. Of course, you can also find here complete information about Eri Takase and his previous works. Finally, in case you need assistance, you can contact their support team trough this site.