KillerStartups – Software Solutions For Your Palm

Stevenscreek.comIf, like many people out there, you own a Palm and you treat it like your biggest treasure, Stevens Creek Software may be a great website for you. It is a leading provider of software solutions for everything regarding the Palm computing platform. offers you everything from business software (these include the greatly acclaimed PalmPrint and the Handy Label, just to name a few,) personal software, athletic software (such as the athlete’s diary, a race timing device, and more,) and many more options. They pretty much have every type of software to make your Palm an inseparable buddy. You also have desktop products, for Windows as well as for Mac. allows you to download trial versions of all these software solutions, and, if you are happy about them (which I am sure you will be,) you will just need to enter the site again and purchase the full product.

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