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StarsClips.comThere is no definitive way to stop fake star profiles from blighting the Internet. It is very easy for someone who hates Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber to create a false profile and fool a couple of unsuspecting fans before Twitter or Facebook steps in and closes the offending account for good.

However, sites like are here to prevent people who keep on assuming false identities from having such a ball. On StarsClips, just anybody can get to realize which the authentic and genuine profiles of stars and celebrities are.

Musicians, actors, athletes, authors, models, politicians… these are all easily findable through the site, either by launching a keyword search, or by browsing through all the categories which are featured on the main page.

And as a user of the site you will not only be able to find where stars and celebs are on the Social Web – you will actually be capable of favoriting the ones you are keener on, and following their updates that much easier. In Their Own Words

Stars and celebs social profile.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a foolproof way of knowing where to look for all your favorite stars on the Social Web.

Some Questions About

How many stars are already part of the StarsClips database? How truly international is the site?