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Stardust -Official movie site

Stardust -Official movie siteA world fill of magic and fairies is now alive on the net! is the official web site of the movie Startdust that was release on august of the 2007.


The great graphics that this site has, takes you right into a map of the English village of Wall, where the movie takes place. Once there you can see where each character lives and learn more about them. You can also pay a visit to Starry Sky and the Kingdom of Stormhold, others of the movies scenarios. Besides the typical information that a movies page offers you, such as plot, cast and production notes, you can also take a look at the pictures gallery and videos. The movie is already available on DVD and DH-DVD and you can purchase it right from the web page. This is an interactive site, where you can play games, listen to the soundtrack and if you visit the Starry Sky section you can even email a star to a person you love! Stardust -Official movie site


Author : Steve Dixon

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