KillerStartups – St John’s Hospital

St-Johns.orgSt. John’s Hospital is a healthcare institution located in the State of Illinois.

Its official website provides background and institutional information along with a useful set of online resources. To begin with, there is a tool for finding physicians online. This is implemented by keying in the last name and specialty of the concerned healthcare professional. On the other hand, there is a section entitled online baby nursery that will let you see a list of all the babies that were born recently at St. John’s. Other online resources that merit a mention include the featured online cheer cards that can be used to show your appreciation to loved ones who have been institutionalized, and a calendar of events that highlights forthcoming activities of note. Another remarkable feature is the provided virtual tour, as it gives the internaut a very good overview of the existing facilities. Lastly, a section named “Career Opportunities” lists current job openings along with the requirements that must be complied with and the benefits at play.

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