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Squirrelmail.orgIf you want an alternative to Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and other webmail services, enter On this site you can learn about this webmail package and its features. You can also get Squirrel Mail news, screenshots and other resources. If you want to download this free mail system, enter this site.


Are you looking for a free webmail system? You need to enter and find out more about this webmail service. On this site you can download this open source project, as well as plugins and get access to a decoding library. Besides, you can support them and help improving this alternative to Hotmail and other webmail services.

To sum up, if you want to download this PHP webmail package, you can stop by this site. gives you information about this free webmail system and its features. What is more, you can read the latest news and history of this open source project.


Author : Bill Webb

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