Split.ly – An Engine For Executing Split Searches

Split.lySplit.ly is a search engine with a difference.

What it does is to split any search that you carry on any of the supported sites in two, so that you get to see search results on the left and then the actual pages for these searches on the right hand-side of your screen. That is, you get the links on the left, and whenever you click on any of these then the corresponding page will open for you to take a closer look on the right.

The three sites that are currently searchable in this way are Google, YouTube and Amazon. The one advantage this site has is that it eliminates the need to go back and forth in your browser in order to explore these links that seem promising, or opening multiple pages at once so that you don’t lose the original search results page from sight

The company plans to bring this search functionality into other popular sites soon. Which ones they choose is going to be the true breaking point for this service, of course.

Split.ly In Their Own Words

“Split.ly is a special search engine making searching the most popular sites a lot quicker by splitting your results in the same page!

You can split up Google for your daily internet search, YouTube to find the videos you want and Amazon to shop from the biggest selection of products in the world.”

Why Split.ly It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it effectively halves the number of clicks required to carry out a search and checking out the results that are provided.

Some Questions About Split.ly

Which sites will be supported next? Why? Split.ly