search cancel – Study And Learn Effectively is a website that helps users to study about no matter what topic they need to study about, by the use of different kinds of flash cards.


One interesting thing about this system is the fact that users just have to establish what they need to study, and an intelligent system will automatically schedule the times to study by adapting their programmed activities to their individual learning needs.

The study actual system consists in the use of a number of Cards, calling a collection of card with the name of Deck. These cards present a number of questions the student has to answer dramatically improving learning in that way. After the student starts the studying process the system generates a profile compound by the different deck and cards already studied.

You can get access to the proved benefits of this service simply by signing up for a free account with up to five study decks. If you want to have a totally free access to un unlimited number of decks and cards in order to maximize your private studying potential, just get a premium account by paying only $20 (USD)

Spicy Elephant uses a state-of-the-art spaced repetition learning algorithm that adapts your study schedule to your individual learning needs

The user generated study material can by reviewed directly without an account. Signing up for a free account provides access to sophisticated scheduling system with up to five study decks. A premium account can be purchased for $20 (USD) permitting unrestricted study and the capability to create private study material.

The competing products fall into two categories: heavyweight desktop applications that offer intelligent scheduling of study material, and lightweight web offerings that offer management and sharing of study material.

The advantage of Spicy Elephant is that it offers the wealth of shared user generated study material through a web interface, combined with the intelligent scheduling


Author : Liam Gray

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