KillerStartups – Create a South Park Character is a German-based South Park character creator made on flash, and really very much fun to goof around with.

Recreating yourself in South Park incarnation is very easy: start by choosing face color and gesture, skin and hair, and then go on to dress yourself in preferred attire (both ladies and men outfits are available). Once you’re done with that bit, explore the ‘Stuff’ section to get accessories like glasses, jewelry, wings, weapons, or to change the t-shirt design. The idea of this site is to allow users to create custom avatars which they can go on to use as profile images in social networking sites, or any other use they desire, as long as it is not commercial. Saving the image you created is very simple, as it only involves making a screenshot printing, which in turn means that the character will be saved as an image. In any case, detailed instructions are available both for PC and mac users.

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