KillerStartups – Sorcerer’s Place Message Boards is the website of Sorcerer’s Place, a site with plenty of resources related with games, most known as SP.

The site was created because its developers noticed that there wasn’t any site which featured editors, news, games stuff, cheats, etc, all in one place. As a solution for gamers’ avidness, provides them with a large amount of games’ features, including a games store, news, fantasy books, DVDs, hosting, and so on. If you are an active gamer and have some time to spend looking for interesting stuff, you will surely enjoy the site. At the homepage you will find the ultimate games’ news, which you can access by clicking any of the headlines featured. If you want to find something within a specific category, you should access the particular sections on the left hand side of your screen. The site counts with many resources, including free downloads, articles, tips, ads, and links.

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