KillerStartups – Surprise and Delight

SomethingStore.comIf you love surprises, you should take a look at what has for someone like you.

This unique store sells “somethings”. For ten dollars you can buy yourself a little surprise. The store has a variety of items in stock and the catch is that you don’t know what you get when you makethe purchase. Only when you opne the box will you know what the gift is.

It’s like Christmas morning at your doorstep and for very little money. If you njoyopening a box and being truly taken aback, this is the place for you. Give yourself a little treat and have some fun in the process. You may receive a cool new gadget, jewlery, a rare book, candy, clothing, or something else.

The idea is for you to be surprised and enjoy the gift. On the site you can take a look at some of the gifts that have been sent previously, take a look at customer ratings and reviews, and learn a little more about how the site works and what you may or may not receive. Treat yourself to a little mystery and surprise.

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