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Solitaire-Spider.comThis site provides the reader with information about the Spider Solitaire. This is one of the classic solitaire games that you can play in your computer.


If you are into this game or what to know what all this is about then you can find in this site what you are looking for. In the homepage of this site you will find a screenshot of what the game looks like so that you have an idea of the distribution of the cards and how the game looks like. In this site you can also find the history of solitaire games, how they initially started all the way up to today. You can also find the history of Spider, where it comes from and much more useful information as well. If you wish to read the rules of how to play this game then you can go to the Rules of Spider Solitaire section where you can find out and learn how to play this game. If you wish to download this game to start playing you can do so as well.


Author : Mery Fisher

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