– Providing Internet Access

SoftSolutions.comSoftware Solutions has been providing Internet Access in the Salt Lake, Utah and Heber Valley areas for more than 10 years. Their packages and promotions are available for anyone to view in the About Us section.

An eye catching promotion is that for every subscriber you refer, you receive a free month of any of the packages. Other services Software Solutions include are domain name registration, virtual hosting, web page design and adult content filter, along with others. The website also has the advantage that it explains how to prevent what they call “phishing”. This technique is used by internet scammers, who use spam or pop-up messages to deceive people into disclosing credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security number, passwords, or other information. The most common form of “phishing” is by email that appears to come from a legitimate financial institution asking people to verify account information. Another service includes spam filtering by Spam Arrest, in which you will never receive one of these suspicious “phising” emails or spam anymore.