– A Visual Search Engine For Events

SocialVents.comCombining a fully-featured map and many refined ways for looking information up, Social Vents stands as a truly interesting search engine for events in the US.

On this site, you will be allowed to search for upcoming events both be city and by address. And if you have them, you can even submit the coordinates of the event that you are thinking about attending, and find out all there is to know about its duration, the price of tickets and so on.

Naturally, you can always look events up by category and also by date. So, if you feel like dong something on a certain date but you are unsure exactly what you can always launch a search or two here and see if you find something suitable.

And each event that is indexed on the Social Vents database comes with a link back to the referrer, too. In this way, the veracity of what is included is always ensured to a much larger degree. In Their Own Words


Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to find something to do when it looks like the evening will be a slow one.

Some Questions About

How many new events arte indexed by Social Vents daily?