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SoapCrafters.comFeeling that your skin is soft, that you smell like flowers or that your hair looks as smooth as silk is something you can do it on your own. Stop wasting time and money in beauty products that do nothing and worst of all, are too expensive. provides their clients with recipes for making their own shampoo at home with the corresponding products to do it, as well as other body lotions and shaving soaps. Besides you can also find in this site other soaps and detergents, guides to color the home made soaps, scents and flavors to put on different products, and all the equipment needed to make sure your soap is safe, such as ph indicator, molds, pipettes and pumps. All the products and soaps can be ordered online in case you are interested. Make you own soaps at home and stop wasting time and money in beauty products that can be designed and done by you!


Author : Caroline Bright

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