– Home of the Caramel Candy Bar

Snickers.comIt is mandatory that you have eaten before visiting this site, otherwise your figure will be lost forever, as will make you desperately crave something chocolaty and crunchy which is not permitted in any of the various forms of diet you’ve been procrastinating since 1996.

This site is part of the marketing campaign for Snickers, and in it users will be able to explore all the kinds of candy bars sold under this brand, the sports leagues it sponsors (NFL, Nascar, FLW, Little Leagues), enter sweepstakes and draws, or watch the latest videos of the brand’s advertising campaigns. The site is very nicely designed in Flash, so even if you are a Zen Buddhist Master and manage to wade the craving for the chocolate you’ll still get caught fooling around with the animations. Of course, you can also find nutrition and ingredient information from the site, and links to the corporate areas of Mars.