– Cause We Love The Classics is a site for all those who were gamers back in the nineties, and once in a while feel nostalgic about the games they played in their teenage years.

The site has a great database of games and emulators of different classic consoles, such as Super Nintendo, Play Station, Nintendo 64, Sega, and many more. The games are available as ROMs, the file extension for emulation software, which you can also get here. You can check the huge amount of downloadable items that he site has in the column situated on the left side of your screen. Within the games section you can choose to download games of four different categories: ROMs, Snes RPG, Top10 ROMs, and PSX ISOs. Each category has special feature, and if you don’t know any of them you can check the help section that the site as for you. As everything in is free, they request visitors to give only one thing back: a vote.