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Snesclassics.comIf you are a real fanatic of the Nintendo video games, then you should visit the Snes Classic web page. On this site you will have the possibility of finding many interesting and fun stuff related with the Nintendo video games.


In an era in which there are new video games popping out all the time, is always good to make some time to go back to the old roots. It doesn’t matter how much you like the new GTA of the Sims, there is no chance that you have forgotten about the Super Mario World and Donkey Kong. Now when you visit this web page you can make all your memories come to life again by playing the new flash version of some of the old classic games. You can also read articles and reviews about this new version of the classic games. On this site you will have possibility of participating of different forums and shearing your opinions with other players.


Author : Steve Dixon

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