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Snatcher.orgFound at www.snatcher.

org, Site Spotter is an excellent tool for webmasters that are always looking for new (and cool) domains to buy. In a nutshell, what this application does is to let them find quality domain names that are expiring soon.

This is accomplished by using a proprietary algorithm that can separate domain names which are generic and uninteresting from the ones that are a cut above the rest, and which are going to become available soon.

Also, Site Spotter employs advanced lexical algorithms in order to come up with dictionary word combinations that will let you find names that are relevant to what your company does, and that could transmit you identity more thoroughly.

And the way in which Site Spotter works is very interesting, as it uses a credit system that allows you to pay according to how much you actually use it. That is, you are not going to pay a flat subscription. You will pay only for your actual usage. Currently, you can buy 5, 10 and 30 credit packages. In Their Own Words

“Sitespotter is your all-in-one utility for finding quality expiring domain names.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Webmasters who are actively involved in the buying and selling of domains can’t fail to like it – not only can it provide a list of domains that are expiring soon, it can actually provide a lit of domains that are highly relevant.

Some Questions About

How is Site Spotter going to promote itself?