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SnakesAndFrogs.ComSnakes And Frogs provides information about South Carolina reptiles and amphibians. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the top of the homepage including Herp Images and Info, What’s New?, Observation Notes, Herp Tales, Nature Commentaries, Herp Links, and FAQ.

You can get information about how to identify snakes, about SC state reptile, and SC state amphibian. Find answers to questions such as “Can I identify a venomous snake by the shape of its head?” and many more. If you find a snake in your house and want to know what kind is it, just visit the FAQ section. Learn how to keep snakes out of your yards, and which the best books for identifying reptiles and amphibians are. Persons moving to South Carolina, especially those from the more urban or more northern state, are often concerned about having dangerous encounters with snakes. What you need to know is that an encounter with a snake does not have to be a bad experience; learn more about how to deal with snakes and amphibians at this site. SnakesAndFrogs.Com