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Smtire.comEstablished in 1946 in Santa María (State of California), SMTire deals in tires for vehicles of every denomination, as well as providing tire-related services. Good Year, Kelly Tires, Dunlop and Bridgestone are among the featured brands.


The available categories include tires for consumer, commercial, and special vehicles such as ATVs. Retreads are also produced by SMTire. The term “retreads” refers to recycled tires, which have not only a cost advantage, but an environmental advantage as well. Other services provided by the company include the inflating of tires, in order to ensure better gas mileage. The site also lists the location of SMTire centers across the State of California. This includes a link to the MapQuest site, which contains all the pertinent indications in order to make it to these locations. Lastly, the site also includes a list of current job opportunities at SMTire, detailing the position, location, and job duties.


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