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SmarterHousing – Student Accommodation Online

Smarter Housing provide high quality student accommodation.


Tenants benefit from no letting fees, free broadband internet and access to exclusive offers from local businesses.

Landlords benefit from lower fees, reduced risk and our experience of sourcing/redeveloping properties for the student market.

Why SmarterHousing It Might Be A Killer

Smarter Housing Ltd. was incorporated in August 2005 and began trading in January 2006.

Since then the company has started to grow at an increasing rate:

Year 1 = Sept 06 – July 07 – 20 properties (Warwick)
Year 2 = Sept 07 – July 08 – 100 properties (+ Coventry, Nottingham, Birmingham)
Year 3 = Sept 08 – July 09 – 500 properties (+ Bath, Bristol, Manchester)*

*agreed contracts

Smarter Housing will provide high quality accommodation to all of the top UK universities by the end of 2010. The company has already began to diversify into high end residential lettings and sales. Beyond this is the opportunity to provide a franchise and/or technology package as per Rightmove.


Author : Bill Webb

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