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Skateboardparks.comEverybody knows skateboarding is more than just a game. It is a lifestyle; they have their own life philosophy, they have their own dressing style, music, and so on.

For those who like that style, there is This is an online community for skateboarders to find skateboarding information. In the home page you will find a long list of skate parks all across the United States, where there are verified parks, of course. You will find over 533 places where you will be able to skate and meet some colleagues that share your same passion. We also know skateboarders like to travel, meet new friends, and new challenges. For those who love skating no matter where they are, there is the international skate parks directory. Do you want to skate in Australia? What about Venezuela? South Africa? You can look for the addresses and info at Find techs and tricks and much more at