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SingaporeMath.comThe term “Singapore Math” is generally used in U.S.

and Canada to refer to the Primary Mathematics series. It was first published in 1982 and was the only series used in Singapore primary schools up till 2001. It was written by members of a project team put together by the Ministry of Education. The term came into the U.S.A around the year 2000 when US academics, homeschoolers, schools, and the media started referring to their books as Singapore Math. is the company who first brought Singapore Math to the US. It is the official distributor of Singapore K-12 mathematics, science, and English books. At the top of the homepage you will find sections devoted to different people and institutions, including Home school, School, Teacher, Enrichment, College Bookstore, and Distributors. At the left hand side of the homepage you will find the products sort by subject, including mathematics, science, English, Chinese, health education, and art; and sort by grade, from kindergarten to college.

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