simplicant – applicant tracking made very simple

implicant is a simple, web-based, applicant tracking system (ATS) for small and medium enterprises (SME’s). It provides SME’s with a quick and easy way to create a job board and track incoming applications.

simplicant is built on Ruby on Rails and uses web 2.0 concepts like online collaboration, tags, and rankings to help the companies find their target candidates as quickly as possible. it is inspired by other web-based applications like Basecamp and Highrise.

simplicant is a product of Confiz Solutions (, and development started in mid-2007. It went into public beta in March 2008, and currently offers the following feature-set (As of March 2008):

* Hosted, Customizable Job Board
* Job-specific Questionnaires
* Full-text Resume Search
* Application Tagging and Ranking
* Integrated e-mail
* Collaboration through tasks, notes, messages

Why simplicant It Might Be A Killer

simplicant aims to revolutionize hiring by bringing web 2.0 concepts into applicant tracking. It is the first applicant tracking system (ATS) built for small companies, and we believe that it will give a major boost to SME’s around the world by helping them find better talent, which is what really matters to any startup.

By allowing users to use search, tags, rankings, and flexible team collaboration to organize applications and manage the hiring process, simplicant makes it a breeze to sift through hundreds of applications and find the right candidates in a matter of minutes.

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