– Add Simplicity To Your Life

SimpleLiving.netAre you searching for ways to live a more simple life? Trying to spend less money with your present lifestyle? Then you know is meant to grab your attention.

This site is completely against consumption. So if by any chance you believe the only thing important in life is producing objects in the third world, forget it. The simple lifestyle offers is not one in which you have to give up to your possessions and live in total poverty, let’s start by that. It’s basically about being reserved in your purchases and consumption. It also implies being mentally at ease, being happy with your family as well as with everything surrounding you. The site offers tips for this to be done, there’s a space dedicated to newsletters, these are articles written about why it is so important to live a simple life, and how to do so. In you can also find other areas about community service, a resource directory on the simple-living network, alternatives for simple living, among other options. So, what are you waiting for to start a new, simple life?