KillerStartups – Silverwood, NW Theme Park

SilverwoodThemePark.comDo you love the thrill and fun of a great family friendly theme park with big rides, big slides, and big attractions? Well, check, you may have found what you were looking for.

Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Water Park located in beautiful North Idaho, have over 65 rides and attractions, including three roller coasters, the Boulder Beach Water Park, a steam engine train, live entertainment, restaurants, and much more. The Park has unique Victorian-themed shop, restaurants, and movie theatre. Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Water Park features events full of fun as the Country Carnival. You cannot miss the Thunder Canyon raft ride, Log Flume, Bumper Boats, and the historic Corkscrew roller coaster. Boulder Beach Water Park is a dream come true, with its giant wave pool, water slides, lazy river, and Poliwog Park kid’s area. Looking for more thrills? Panic Plunge and Roller Coaster Alley will make you scream. Families can enjoy the family raft ride Avalanche Mountain and the new kid’s play area named Toddler’s Springs. At this site, you can find all the info you need from tickets and FAQ to cabana accommodations.

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