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SilentDark.netAre you a part of the MySpace community? Have you already created your own MySpace account? Have you been able to personalize your MySpace account as you would have liked it? If you’ve answered yes to the first two questions, but answered no to the last question then you’re in need of the website that we’re reviewing today. The website is called SilentDark.


net. What is There are many people who become a part of the MySpace community; however, they find it hard to adapt the page to suit their own personality. Why’s this? Because frankly the MySpace personalization options just don’t cut it for the most of us. If you’re an Emo or a Goth and you would like to adapt your MySpace profile to suit your personality, then you have to head to That’s what is. It’s a website that is dedicated to the Emo and Gothic community to help them express themselves and adapt their MySpace profile and let them show everyone else who they really are. To learn more log onto now.


Author : Caroline Bright

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