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´Sierra´ in Spanish means ´small mountain´. But ´small mountain´ doesn’t seem to quite suit what Sierra at Tahoe really is. Maybe a more descriptive phrase would be: ´Huge ski resort, ´ that’s more like it. is a huge website that tells you all about the experience at the Sierra at Tahoe ski resort. The resort first started as a small ranch, namely, Sierra Ski Ranch which started to function successfully in 1946. It was then sold to the Sprok family in 1993, and then sold again in 1996, where it continued to grow into a huge resort.
Sierra at Tahoe receives nearly perfect snow falls every year, and also strives to provide the perfect atmosphere, and service during the peak season. The resort is also well known for its environmentally friendly attitude, whereas, some ski resorts around the world have to chop down trees to build it.
Don’t go bye this season without first giving it a thorough look. You might be surprised at the amount of interesting offers you can find.