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SideStripe.comSideStripe is a social network search engine that provides answers from the only source of information that you can really trust: your friends. You can now search on Facebook or Google and find useful information from people that you know.


There is currently no easy way to get information from your network to help you with a search for information. Google search has no social results, just standard search results, which are helpful but lack personal relevance. Facebook search results show people and groups, but not relevant information.

SideStripe opens up an entirely new stream of helpful ‘social search’ results that come directly from people that you know and trust. On Google the SideStripe widget enhances your search by giving you information from your friends during your search. The SideStripe search on Facebook gives you the best way to search for information, you will no longer only find information about your social networking groups, or random profiles but get access to information that is useful.

Whether using SideStripe with Google or Facebook, you will now be given more personalized results to the specific questions you ask. You can get advice on a particular search from your friends and get a broader response than you would searching the old way.


Author : Bill Webb

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