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Shurtugal.comIf you love the Inheritance Trilogy book and movies, this is the place to be. Shurtugal.


com is the largest and most comprehensive website on the subject providing news and information almost exclusively. The site contains up-to-date content that is offered in eight different languages so that Inheritance fans around the world can enjoy the site. Fans can find newsletters, articles on upcoming book releases, spoilers, book synopsis, summaries, and more. If you’re interested in the movie, you’ll find image galleries, movie information including trailers, cast and crew information, movie clips, soundtrack, and even tips and tricks to play the video game. At you can even learn how to speak the ancient language that the characters speak, the site provides a dictionary, pronunciation guide, and even memorable quotes. Interactive maps of the fictional Alagaësia, its history, visited locations and much more are also available and for those with a creative streak, a fan art section and a fan fiction section exist so you can share your talents with everyone.


Author : Charly Zaks

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