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shouldi – instant social advice on any topic, from anyone, communicated any way

shouldi is an instant social advice service that lets you quickly and easily get and give advice with anyone, on any topic, communicated anyway. You can exchange advice with friends or the shouldi world community using your mobile phone messaging, instant messaging, email, or the shouldi website.


: A shopper is deciding between pairs of jeans. She takes photos of herself in each pair with her camera phone, asks shouldi which pair makes her look best, tells shouldi she needs an answer in 5 minutes, and then chooses to ask her friends or the shouldi world. shouldi delivers her request to each person using their preferred method of communicating, tabulates the responses, and delivers the answer from friends and the shouldi world to her phone.

Why shouldi It Might Be A Killer

Instant social advice networking combines social networking and instant/mobile communications. By combining these technologies, shouldi offers an advice service which embeds the social experience deeply into everyday life. shouldi is great for shopping, dining, dating, entertainment, dressing, and potentially every other daily decision and experience.

Unlike other micro-blogging sites, shouldi lets others actually give input and advice back to you. You don’t have to sift through the details to figure out what everyone is saying. shouldi tabulates responses and gives you the summary when and where you need it.


Author : Bill Webb

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