search cancel – One Place, Your Place is loctated in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


They have become the largest retailers across the United States. Furthermore, they are the largest employer within the state of New Jersey; over fufty thousands of people are working for them currently. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: store locator, on line servioces, our store, for the family, and news center. Some of the on line services include order electronics, order pool and patio stuff, party platter orders, party planning needs, pharmacy, photo center, etc. Nevertheless, you can get some other things at their store, like culinary workshops, recipes, etc. Within the recipe center they feature a dish for every day of the week; they suggest cheddar potato for Monday, cajun grilled fries, for Tuesday, and so on. There is a chart on the left side containing diverse links, such as: media inquires, the company and the environment, etc.


Author : Bill Webb

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