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ShoppingJobs.Net – Get Paid To Shop And Eat

ShoppingJobs.NetShoppingJobs.Net has been created to locate people who want to find work in the “Mystery Shopping” field.


By joining, you will receive instant access to their database absolutely loaded with companies who are willing to pay you to evaluate establishments and services in exchange for financial reward. There are people who have made this a full time job. In addition to that, you decide on what assignments you want to take. Many of the shoppers that are already working are earning between $10 and $40 per hour. Most of the companies will send assignments right to your email inbox. All you have to do is register with as many companies as you like, and then wait for job offers to pour in. After that, select the jobs you want and email or call them. The website also provides a resource to search for jobs in your area. By becoming a member you will also will have access to a directory of companies who want to pay you for your opinion by taking simple 20-25 minute online surveys. ShoppingJobs.Net


Author : Pat Gregson

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