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Shingles.comFamvir is a drug that can help you keep your shingles from taking over. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about shingles, the drug that can help and much more.

You can find information by going through the different categories. In The Facts About Shingles section you can find and read about topics such as understanding shingles, about who gets them, the symptoms, shingles complications, resources and more. In the Diagnosis and Treatment section you can read about what you have to look for, when is the time to go to the doctor, how is shingles diagnosed, all about the treatment and resources as well. In the Pain after Shingles section of this site you can read about PHN, the symptoms and treatment also. If you are a caregiver then you can find a place in this site and read about what shingles is, tips for caregivers, and more. Also you can read all about Famvir such as how it works, safety information and much more.