search cancel – Free MSN Messenger Graphics is home for a huge amount of emoticons, fun phrases to display in your profile, display pictures and general resources for your Messenger’s graphic needs.


The site also offers a couple of apps to get your contact’s icons and emoticons without them even knowing you are taking them. Happily, this is the only program of the hacking/cracking family you can get from the site, where there’s a notice indicating they are against such practices. The graphics on offer work for MSN versions 6 and 7, and you can get them in theme packs, like love, humor and even country-specific packs. All downloads are free, and you don’t even need to register to the site to get them. Interestingly, when looking into downloading any of the graphics and programs available from this site, you get detailed installation instructions and an explanation on its advantages.


Author : Steve Dixon

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