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Sherpia.comSherpia is a service that turns searching the Web into a truly social experience. Users of Searchia are enabled to browse through the best of the best sites around, and then recommend the ones that they like best to their friends using the provided interface.

Sherpia has a series of categories that make things easier for everybody. These include Travel, Shopping, Music and Career. Upon picking any of these, the user will be able to apply lost of different filters. For example, he will be allowed to choose whether to look for actual sites or blogs. And he will be able to see these sites that have been ranked higher by other users.

Because on Sherpia, all of the featured sites get a numeric rating. That is what makes picking the best from the rest something easy to begin with. In fact, it is even possible to look for these sites that have been reviewed the largest number of times, and focus your search like that. In Their Own Words

Sherpia lets you search, discover, and share your favorite sites.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding and recommending the best sites around is made really dynamic in a setting like this one.

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Which categories have the biggest number of reviews? Why is that?