– Learn The Meanings Behind Shawls

ShawlMinistry.comThis site has been created by women who believe in the power a shawl can have when you give it to someone that really needs comprehension, love and embrace. In this site you can read about the beliefs of these women, the reason why they started this ministry and how does it work.

You can read about what this ministry attributes to the shawls and the uses they give to them (meditation, nursing a baby, during an illness). You are also able to read the instructions published in this site for you to be able to create a prayer shawl. This site provides you the steps to follow to finally finish your shawl and make use of it. Furthermore you are also able to read the symbolisms behind the colors and the shawls, downloading brochure and reading certain tips, ideas or patterns that may be helpful once you decide to make your own prayer shawl. Visit and learn more about these women and this ministry.