SFXsource.com – Sound Effects and Production Music

SFXsource.comCreated by sound designers for sound designers, SFXsource is the only SFX library to provide the vast majority of its sound effects and music in 48k 24bit and 320kpbs formats. On this site you will find cutting-edge and imaginative sound samples crafted with passionate expertise for use in all levels of production, from professional to amateur, for use in Film, TV, Games, and New Media.

It is the latest in sound effect online libraries offering only top quality sound effects in 48k 24bit format, meaning the offered clips are the highest professional quality and ready for use in video production with a 48k sample rate. This is unique in downloadable sfx offerings because most other sfx sites offer mainly 44.1 16bit samples which need to be converted for use in high end video production. In addition, the mp3s offered are 320kbps, a step above the general 128kbps offered by most music sites. Also, the site uses a sweet vinyl flash sound button to make spinning sfx a whole lot of fun. Finally, minimal text and easy navigation ensures the user a straight forward sonic experience. SFXsource.com