search cancel . Exploring The Origin Of Life In The Universe . Exploring The Origin Of Life In The UniverseAre you interested in the possibility of life outside the Earth existing? Have you always wondered if there were other species alive in the universe, apart from us? Then, you should visit, the web site of Seti Institute.


For those who are not familiar with the institute, you should know that its mission is to explore and explain the origin of life in the universe. The reason for conducting this huge scientific search is to know about our origin and to know the place we are in, among the stars. Go through the different categories and find information on this non-profit organization, which is divided into three different centers: center for search, center for the study of universe and education and public outreach. Find the latest Seti information on the news section, in which the freshest breaking news and stories are displayed. If interested in this topic and would like to find more information, just check out the site. . Exploring The Origin Of Life In The Universe


Author : Bruce Turner

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