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SermonIllustrations.comIf you loved Madonna’s title “Papa, don’t preach”, this website might not suit your likes. Sermonillustrations.

com in conjunction with is the largest subscription based preaching resource in the world with sermons gathered form the largest collection of professional writers. You will find thousand of professionally published sermons, illustrations, worship aids, children’s sermons, dramas and lectionary workbooks, dedicated to the high values and ideals of the Christian faith. Run in Memphis since 1997, it provides resources for sermon and worship development. Therefore ministers of all denominations use this material. They pride themselves in providing the highest quality of resources for communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and maintain an orthodox theological point of view. You can easily navigate and browse among all the categories such as sermon, illustration, Eulogy, Commentary, Dictionary, Archaeology, Children’s sermon and bulletin, dramas and lection aids. It features a great selection of Powerpoint presentations for mother’s day, father’s day, Advent, Thanksgiving, Lent or Easter. Membership is required but if you are striving to provide the best possible sermon accompanied by a sermon illustration I cannot think of a better site to succeed.