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Serendipity.liThis website, which was created in 1996 by Peter Mayer is aimed at “thinking people”. At first it used to be about his thoughts his own topics of interest.


Today this web covers a wide variety of topics being a great place for free self-expression and discussion for everyone. The web has lots of information on writers and philosophers like Maria Callas, Ganesh Baba, and Robert Zundel. In addition, it features forums on religion that talk about Zionism and god in general. Another field addressed in this page is politics, commenting the Iraq War, 9-11, George Bush between many other topics. For those who are not interested in these themes, there are also reflections about common errors in the use of English, among many other interesting subjects. The main page provides quick links for each of the subjects. This is a great page if you are looking for a way to spare some free time while learning and reflecting.


Author : Irene Davids

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