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SensiSeeds.comGourmet smoker? Medical Prescription? If you are looking for some special seeds to grow your own weed, skunk, hemp or any other form of marihuana, this site is the way to go, as they sell carefully engineered seeds for indoor, greenhouse or outdoor cultivation, though note that they only ship to selected European countries. The variety and diversity of stock is really impressive, as is the knowledgebase available from the site, which will walk you through all the steps of the cultivation process, provide guides to making hashish and even cook some trippy dishes and drinks to try alone or with friends.


But the site is definitely not only about seeds, as you can also get hemp products, like yoga mats, litter for your pet cage, and hemp oil, which is great for caring for animal hoofs and horns. I would have liked to see something along the lines of a shopping guide, as it is clear that most of the site’s customers probably wouldn’t be able to grasp the difference between the species of plants provided, nor their effect. You can get some recommendations by visiting the forum, where a large community of users joins to discuss planting, smoking and share their image galleries.


Author : Steve Dixon

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