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SendSpace.comAfter waiting for an hour to send an email with a large file attached you got frustrated and decided to start reading about other options. There are plenty of choices but the best-known is SendSpace.


com unless you want to stay in front of your screen until the file gets finally sent. I wouldn’t do that when you can send large files too big for email attachments anywhere in the world without wasting your time big time. Visit, one of the favorite file transfer network as per millions of subscribers and users. You can get a Premium Membership but as usual there is always the free path. For free you can download the tool that enables to host and store files online or just for a simple use, upload a file and send it to whoever you want in just a few seconds. You can send up to 1.5 GB files each which is quite impressive considering that Outlook or Outlook Express get stuck when trying to send tiny files of 1 o 2 Mb. After the file is uploaded you get a link that can be automatically sent if you’d entered the recipient email address or you can manually add that link in an email or sms. Do you want to stay in front of your computer until your friends get that file? I don’t think so, I would go for the faster solution.


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