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Semanti.comSemanti can be described as a browser add-on that lets you save the pages that you come across and like, creating a sort of personalized web that is augmented by your existing Facebook social network. This personalized web goes by the suitable name of “My Web”, whereas your social networking friends are counted upon when it comes to finding more relevant results.


Finally, Semanti lets you choose the meaning of the search terms that you employ and let the engine know what you mean when you provide a query. This is accomplished by having your pick from a list of clearly-defined terms in order to avoid ambiguity.

The requisites for using this new tool can be inferred from what has just been said: you need to install the relevant add-on and have a Facebook account in order to unlock the social search feature.

Ultimately, this new search tool hopes to reduce the noise on the Internet by coupling the power of the social web with the option to let the user state what he means when he supplies a term. I advice you to pay the site a visit in order to see where does it stand for you. In Their Own Words

“Semanti lets you stop searching and start finding the pages you want. It’s a simple browser add-on that lets you save your favorite pages to your personal web and improves your search by harnessing your Facebook social network. It enhances and improves the way you search so you get better results with your existing search engine — Google, Yahoo! or Bing. And you can use it from any computer that has the free Semanti add-on installed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as a different and accurate way of approaching web-based search processes.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are currently supported?


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