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SeekATweet.comSeek A Tweet is a new application that marketers are going to find interesting. Essentially, the site will let them look for twitterers located in specific parts of the world only. If they have a product that they want to market to people in any American city then they will be able to find out Twitter users that reside there. And the same applies to people located in any other continent.

Carrying a search is a mere matter of specifying the region to be taken into account (a Google Map is provided) and then seeing what surfaces.

Moreover, searches can also take specific keywords into account. That only makes too much sense – simply because a person is located in a place, that does not mean he will be aching for a product.

So, through Seek A Tweet marketers will be able to find people in specific parts of the world that are keen on what they have to offer. The site could do with a more polished layout, granted, but it does what it claims to do in a timely fashion. And that is a good start indeed. In Their Own Words

Click on the map above to see the latest tweets, twitter users, and trends from anywhere in the world.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let marketers find a readier audience to which to offer their products.

Some Questions About

Will people other than marketers ever benefit from this site?

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