KillerStartups – Approaching Social Media Differently

Searchtrix.comSearchtrix stands as a new way to search social media. In essence, it lets you submit different terms that will be used to build phrases, and these new phrases are meant to give you a fresher insight into different topics and the way people are talking about them all over the Social Web.

There are two ways in which you can launch a search: “Simple” and “Advanced”. The first will let you look up two words (like two verbs) plus two other words (say, two nouns) in three different sites: Facebook, Twitter a Topsy.

On the other hand, an advanced search lets you specify the words that go between the two sets – you can specify 0 to 8 preceding words. Other than that, you are scouring the same three services as before: Facebook, Twitter and Topsy.

For companies, one of the clearest advantages of this system is that they could learn new words and phrases that are used by real customers when they describe their products. Using that knowledge, it is easy to create marketing campaigns that employ these words that punters use to express intent. In Their Own Words

“Start dominating social media today!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It would let any company learn all about these words that are used when their products are discussed, and focus any future campaign far more accurately.

Some Questions About

Will more search mechanisms be eventually added?

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