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SearchLion.comSearchLion presents itself as a new method of searching the Internet for information. It follows in the steps of these aggregators that let you visualize results from sites such as Bing and Google in the same page, but it takes a definitely bold step forward since it lets you delve on such results without having to open a separate page to take a closer look at any of them. That is, this new service lets you open the pages that you get as results using an interface that puts an end to having to open separate tabs and having to keep going forwards and backwards in order to have everything compared. On SearchLion you are going to see everything side by side, and you will get to realize which site is packed with better information on the spot.

And that is a different way to search the Internet indeed. It is not different in the sense of using an algorithm of its very own in order to produce results. Rather, it is different inasmuch it contextualizes what is already out there in a way of its very own. And I have the certainty that a sizable number of Internet users will find this alternative way of approaching results more than fruitful Check the site out to learn if you are one of them. In Their Own Words

The new way to search.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for accessing results from the top search engines in the world today in one fell swoop, and comparing everything in less than half the time it would take otherwise.

Some Questions About

How far can this system be taken? What is the limit?